Land Tours

Walindi Plantation Resort offers a variety of Land Tours exploring the areas surrounding the resort. Choose from a relaxing swim in a hot river, bushwalking, a trek up a volcano and many more.

Short descriptions for our more popular land tours are listed below.

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Walindi Hot River

Hot River

A wonderful opportunity to bathe in water heated by the volcano with swirling pools, mini waterfalls and sticky mud.  Bathers are needed along with insect repellent and sunscreen.  The trip entails a 50 minute drive each way.  Suitable for any time of the day.


For a quick after dinner jaunt, visit the firefly trees where the minute beetles flash in synchronous or pulsing waves of light.  
No walking involved, 5 minute vehicle drive.

Village Walk

Take a guided walk through the village adjacent to Walindi Plantation Resort and chat with those at home doing everyday household chores or sitting out the heat of the day.  Take insect repellent, water and wear appropriate clothing.  
Takes approximately 1-2 hours.

Talasea WWII Plane Wrecks

For anyone interested in war planes, the abandoned NZ4522 and B-25H Mitchellin are worth a visit.  
Entails a 40 minute drive along the scenic Talasea Peninsula.
No major walking involved.

Kimbe Town

If you want to experience the bustle of the market place, see life on the street and browse in the local supermarket and craft shop, a trip to Kimbe is on the agenda.  
Dress appropriately, have small denomination currency to hand and do not take any valuables with you.

Volcano Walk

A 3 hour reasonably arduous walk up to the active Gabuna volcano, returning via the same route (2 hours).  The track passes through tall primary forest and comes out in the open scorched valley with steaming vents, volcanic rubble and hot streams.  The terrain is steep and can be slippery.  A local guide leads the way.

Casual Birdwatching

Bird watching at dawn or dusk can be very rewarding with over 50 bird species recorded in the immediate area and over half of them Bismarck Archipelago endemics.  Medicinal plant gardens, traditional dwellings and cooking areas are also included on some tours.

Nature Walks

These tours offer 1-3 hour nature walks in unlogged forest with tall trees and welcome shade.  Easy to medium walks are offered, with the best view points requiring a steep climb.