Walindi Day Boats

Walindi's three dive boats were all custom built in Brisbane, Australia. Australian commercial vessel standards are some of the highest in the world. Each of the three vessels is in the 9 metre range with an exceptionally wide beam for the length. The vessels are powered with Suzuki Marine's most modern engines, ensuring plenty of power with minimal noise and fumes.

Walindi's custom-built aluminium dive boats all offer:
- seating and tank stowage for easy gearing up
- plenty of space for setting up (the boats are usually operated at 80% rated capacity)
- overhead protection from the elements
- carpeted anti-skid floors
- rinse tubs for cameras and masks
- protected stowage for divers' personal effects
- easy to use boarding ladders

The boats are also equipped with:
- radios, GPS and safety equipment
- full array of rescue equipment
- complete oxygen delivery system and associated first aid
- assorted save-a-dive spares

Fresh water, coffee and tea are always on board and for full day trips we serve a great lunch prepared by the hotel kitchen. Of course, no ship sails itself and at the heart of the operation is our crew. These capable professionals grew up in Papua New Guinea and know these waters like the backs of their hands as well as having been formally trained in seamanship. Most have been with us for many years and know the dive sites intimately, ensuring that you have a fantastic time diving with us.